Disney guest tries on bikini to ‘debunk’ popular TikTok theory: ‘Everybody was doing it’

A Disney the guest tried to take advantage of the park strict dress code for a free t-shirt, but ended up “debunking” the folk myth.

TikTok User Helen he shot it himself in the year Disney World In a parking lot in Orlando, Fla., she took off her shirt to reveal her bikini top. In the text overlay, he said he was testing “TikTok hack to get a free t-shirt,” which is not necessarily authentic to hack but more A TikTok video channel that showed women being told their tops were “inappropriate”. for the park and they asked him to choose an alternate shirt in a Disney store.

It says Disney World in an FAQ that guests must wear shoes and a shirt at all times. The site also says Disney reserves the right to turn guests away in inappropriate clothing, which is “described as clothing that exposes too much skin.”

As Helen wanted, an employee stopped her before entering the park and, she said, “forced” her to buy a shirt to cover up.

“Dismissed!” he wrote at the end TikTok.

Several commenters pointed out that too many guests were working dress code now Disney employees pay for a T-shirt that guests pay for. There is nothing on Disney’s website that specifically states that guests were entitled to a free t-shirt if they were accused of violating the dress code; commenters relied on previous TikTokers who said they got free t-shirts.

“Cast member here,” one person wrote in the replies. “It doesn’t work anymore. It became too popular online and everyone was doing it.’

The mail Disney guest tries to wear bikini in park to ‘disprove’ free t-shirt theory appeared in the first getting to know.

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